Tuesday, July 24, 2007

what to wear today

skies clearing in the big city, sunny & bright down by the big resovoir in the mall. mmmmm....soooo, how did you spend your sunny tuesday? temps reached the mid-80s and quite comfortable everywhere. strange weather, the day after a strong and very unusual July Nor'easter that dropped temps from the 90s to the low 70s in a day, along with over an inch of rain.

yepper - i'm listening mr. gore . . . .


love these shots of manhattan, with that classic waterfront feel. steel, iron, masonry stone, industrial, hard, gritty old city. our own London on the left bank of the North Atlantic, the cradle of America.

you'll love them too, so ENJOY!

Saturday, July 21, 2007



A home is a reflection of its occupants. It's not just how much was spent or the type of furniture you have, it's the mind of mencia of whoever is that person who makes those decisions that is reflected in the final result. If you're an ass, the finest furniture and appointments will reflect it. If you a reclusive, or otherwise unapproachable, you may go for detailed exerpts of beauty particularized to your very picky taste. If you're laid back, for you a relaxing horizontal format or a sloppy couch may work for you.

Relaxation is POWER - yes POWER. POWER TO BE WHO WE WANT TO BE. When we feel like being it, that is : )

first test shot

I'm trying to expand on this project...posting pics and hopefully video streams.....

miss japan 2007 (miss universe) on her first visit to New York and sandra endo, newscaster on NY1, my favorite newshottie these days.


I dedicate my blog to the beginning of an open, interactive, dialogue with like-minded people for any reason you want to and we can get down forever n ever! We can discuss business, we can do business, we can do politics, we love to talk entertainment and what's new out there. We love to talk tech, as long as you're not too geeky (can't deal, y'kknow?). Yeah I wanna IPhone but I'll wait til the price drops below $300. They say they will be by Christmas......

So, to those you said I can't, here I am yes I can! Not that this was any great feat, just go to www.blogger.com. Make your own blog and 'get at me', as the phrase goes.

Btw, lots of good street fairs going on in New York during the end of July and early August. Check out the Summerstage and Philaharmonic page for smooth summer concerts in Central Park. Hey and if you can check out Brooklyn: Prospect Park, McCarren Park, Ft. Greene/BAM, it's all good out there in the juicy Apple. Be careful don't hurt your eyes on the short skirts....

Anyway, this is my intro. Soon you will meet a couple of my future fellow bloggers, so stay tuned and I'll get this game started for you.

President Obama's Welcoming Micheal Steele Chairman of the RNC to The Heezy!