Monday, March 16, 2009

So Who Gives A F*cK About Obama?

An interesting question posed by one of my many wonderful opponents of Obama's existence, who expect (even though they don't expect) all the world's problems to be solved, our economic crisis ended (even though it took their guy 8 years to get it to this point) and the weight of guilt for being so racist for so long lifted (although it's going to take a lot more than that to reparate the wrong of your ancestors - and YOU).

Yet they scorn everything Obama. Why, I'm surprised they haven't even rode Michele harder just for getting out to get to know the people of Washington DC, the town where she is in effect the first citizen. Washington is, after all, the capital of the Federal District, just like Sacramento is the capital of the state of California. I'm surprised they haven't made a complaint about that.

Nor has the opposition presented an opposition plan of action to solve the problems. Perhaps like the child who shits in his pants, he knows how to make a mess but not how to clean it up without Mom. In this case, Mom is our government, doing what should be done and whose responsibility it is to do it, more than anyone else or like any other parent. No, thank goodness, we don't want a parental government, only a helping mature hand.

Whatever Obama is doing or does, it is what needs to be done. It may not work, it may create more problems. If anyone has a better idea (and old stale ideas don't count) let's hear it. Let's try it if it will work, i.e. put people back to work in relatively safe jobs where they can be productive and earn living wages and take care of their lives. Let's try it if it will increase home ownership and personal wealth without jeapardizing our financial capabilities. Let's try it if it will bring reasonable equity between rich and poor. I mean, it's OK to have something to strive for, for some to be rich and some not. But the system in this country is too much capitalism at the expense of those who are disenfranchised, at too much wealth that isn't justified by any means.

We need ideas that made the 1990s go: economic opportunity that everyone can get a piece of. Those who can't we must help, perhaps in other ways. Those who won't must be made to understand they must, it is their duty to a society that takes care of them. If that means lower wages and some live in relative poverty, then so be it. Everyone can't be on top. But at least the bottom will be a place where one can live in and with dignity, safety and peace of life, like every one of The Supreme Being's children were meant to live.

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