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A Gift from Bolpf to Coco

just wanted to say many more Coco you're so sweet. thanks for being you, we all love you.

above just for you is an art gift for an art afficionado like you. you've already amassed quite a collection of pop art in your NYC loft. well here's one more - one you'll appreciate - as an african-american artist of no name, who provides this afrocentric pop art above.

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Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

I just wanted to say happy birthday to my beautiful wife, who I love very much...

A Pakistani Flashpoint

* from blog CNSaw article "Pakistan is now the Epicenter of Terrorism" published 12/28/07.

make no mistake about it
- no matter what the outcome of the recent assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan is perfectly poised to become the new response point of a new level of militancy and terrorism in the world. Expect to see more spectacular acts of terror, ranging without doubt from more car bombings at crucial Western markets and transportation points, to 9/11-level catastrophes by 2011. If for no other reason, it will be the 10th anniversary of 9/11/2001.

Map of Pakistan and adjoining nations...

Country Map : Pakistan

I hope you're listening. Al-Qaeda has already established a strong, relatively-permanent (and most likely very mobile), base of operations in Waziristan, the western, mountainous, and well-defended and populous provinces of Pakistan. Uncontrollable by the Musharraf government, they are strong enough to establish & maintain leadership in an area quickly, and perhaps mobile enough (thanks to the 'spreading of the faith' thru the Internet, video feeds to news media, and speeches like the tape coming out soon from Bin-Laden) that make it able to re-establish leadership when needed where its support is strong, as they appear to have done in Waziristan. They also almost did it in Sudan, and they definitely did it with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Perhaps the Wazirs, cousins of the Afghans, can dig where their brothers are coming from. Perhaps they feel the same way when Bin Laden speaks to them, to the heart.

So how do you combat the heart? This is the core issue that has to be either defeated or embraced into a peaceful co-existence. That co-existence is likely impossible, so we have to either change our ways to accommodate their fears or fight and defend ourselves. Sadly, this one doesn't have much of a choice but to fight.

Our world is far from perfect. But at least for the most part no one is telling me what to do. In fact, unless it breaks some rule that I agreed to abide, or involves the unspeakable, I'm probably free to do what I want. That is NOT what Islam offers me, I suspect. While I respect Islam highly, I am not a religious person. That means not Christian, either. I'm happy I can live somewhere where I am relatively free to be who I want to be, not what someone else wants.

The threat of Pakistan is a strong military force and nuclear weapons. More than enough firepower, under the wrong hands, to strike out decisively against Israel, or India, or Iraq. I doubt they'll mess with Iran, but if used to start a regional chain reaction of wars, especially one that bring in the United States, I'm not so sure they wouldn't.

We must realize NOW that we are in true danger from other world powers! Not as a demagogy, but as a fundamental sea change in how the rest of the world sees itself, not how they see us. In fact, they are dismissive more and more of our Western Anglo view of the world. Whether you like it or not the influence and power of the non-U.S. world is steadily increaing, and our ability to be the preeminent world power is steadily weakening. Expect Al-Qaeda to be on the move from now until the end of the decade, with stunning results. Oh, and by the way, he cees u:

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What does Bhutto's Death Do for You?

We mourn the death of Pakistan's Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Not just because she came from a comfortable life of status to help the common person, not just because she was well-educated and wanted democracy as the bedrock of freedom for her people, but for a more simple reason:

She represented the hopes and dreams of a human race longing for peace and freedom to live without hurt or hurting others, something the whole world wants now more than ever. When such deaths of martyrs occur at such crucial times, it tends to bring very ugly wars. Through which, if past similar events are a measure, they may bring extensive social improvement.

Such was the case when Archbishop Ferdinand's death sparked WWI. Such was the case when Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated and fire broke out on the streets of America in the 1960s. All bad events, but significant social change for the better occurred after it.

Such was the case when Saddam Hussein was captured, and later put to death by a proxy legal tribunal crafted and created by the U.S. government. Mind you, Saddam was no martyr, but the result was significant: It brought the civil war now ensuing, more terrorism not less as promised, and America's now-seemingly endless involvement over there.

But as for Bhutto's effect, will this recent martyrdom now raise the stakes for American peace and security, at home and abroad? Are we approaching yet another 9/11 brought on by American meddling in other nation's affairs? I do believe so.

What goes around, always comes around.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Denzel At It Again - He's the Best of His Time.

By Sergio Mims (wif a little extra journalism from VillagePeeps)

CAST: Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Jurnee Smollett, Nate Parker,
Denzel Whitaker (great name choice), Kimberly Elise, Gina Ravera

WRITTEN BY Robert Eisele, DIRECTED BY Denzel Washington

RATED PG-13 *** Already the recipient of 5 (count 'em - FIVE) Golden Globe Awards


The Great Debaters announces its brazen intentions to right a few wrongs straight from the outset. It audaciously wants to answer for all the negative images and degrading stereotypes of black people that have plagued films for last 100 years. It’s a bold, ambitious mission and though one black film (or 100 for that matter) can’t rise up to that challenge, Debaters works triple hard to do its best. The end result is an excellent, rock solid effort that should be on the top of everyone’s “must see” list.

Though we have seen many times over and know all too well the “inspirational” film genre about a group of people rising against the odds before facing the ultimate test and even can predict the final outcome, Debaters puts a spin on the usual proceedings with plot twists, surprising character developments and shifting relationship dynamics unexpected for the genre.

Washington admits to having a greater appreciation for directors. The film is produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Films, Todd Black, and Joe Roth. It is executively produced by David Crockett and The Weinstein Company, and is distributed by MGM. It was written by Robert Eiselle who was introduced to an article about the Wiley Team’s unheard of victory thanks to the help of debate coach Melvin Tolson.

Melvin B. Tolson (center) with the Original Wiley College debate team in 1935 after Harvard University U.S. Championship win. Photo credit: Courtesy of Wiley College

The film is based on the true story of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the heralded 1930’s debate team at Wiley College, an all black college still based in East Texas. The team led by their demanding coach and mentor Melvin Tolson (Washington) rises to the occasion beating all oppositions both white and black until they are invited to compete against Harvard University for the ultimate prize and national recognition.

Needless to say Tolson and his team, all played wonderfully by Smollet (Eve’s Bayou, Roll Bounce) and newcomers Parker and Denzel Whitaker (no relation to Forest Whitaker) face battles of self doubt, setbacks, and tremendous expectations and, of course, the all American scourge of racism as a constant presence which occasionally rears its violent side as in an extremely brutal scene where Tolson and his team accidentally come upon a horrific lynch mob and their unfortunate victim.

Jurnee said it was more about the actual events.

Yet, one of best and most refreshing aspects of The Great Debaters, thanks to an intelligent screenplay by Robert Eisele and nuanced direction by Washington, is that, from the beginning, it treats knowledge, learning and intellectual pursuit as something completely normal and expected by black people and not as an alien concept whose value we find dubious. In the film both parents and teachers demand the best from their students and children and they in turn not only expect that from them, but they try as hard as possible to live up to those expectations. For that alone Debaters is a blessed relief for those who have suffered through enough Whose The Caddys and Soul Planes.

In his second outing as director (after the overrated Antwone Fischer) Denzel Washington has clearly grown more confident and assured behind the camera. He’s become more visually attuned and creative in Debaters with some remarkably striking sequences such as the wonderfully atmospheric opening of the film crosscutting a raucous, sweaty, down home, blues party with a shallow figure of a mysterious man running through the swamp in a desperate attempt to stop a horrible act from happening.

Whitaker's view and Washington's view are the same - Two of the Greatest Academy Award Winners Ever!

It should be no surprise that all the performances are uniformly excellent but then with Washington and Forest Whitaker together in a film it would be expected that everyone else has to be at the best. No slouching when you have to go up against these two.

Before you think I’ve gone soft, let me point out that Debaters does have a few minor problems including an unrequited love affair subplot that’s not really necessary and an awkward, unexplained appearance by Washington during an important moment of the film which, instead of being the dramatic wallop it was intended to be, will only have viewers wondering how he got there. The film also has several historical inaccuracies which no doubt the filmmakers knew they were making but intentionally put in the film to make a bigger dramatic impact.

In spite of these small faults The Great Debaters is far and away better than the standard “inspirational” film and actually becomes something more than that. A moving, emotional movie that delivers a genuine sense of joy and satisfaction at the end.

Film critic, lecturer and festival consultant Sergio Mims covers all things film from the city that works, Chicago. He is a regular contributor to

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Anyone Up For A Chess Game?

A rather unique way to play. But who doesn't like life-size entertainment? Lika go for it Papi !!


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Amy Winehouse - Great Singer, Just Not One Of Music's Finest Moments

So this is Amy Winehouse? The Brit Blue-Eyed Soul Singer (her eyes are brown, this is just 70s Hall-n-Oates-speak for white singers of black soul music) can't seem to decide whether she wants to be a buxom Kim Kardashian-run-for-her-money lookalike or a Crack Whore. But after hearing her, I can say for sure mon, she's one helluva singer. Check out her videos.

we can't wait for the sex DVD - now that's so Kim Kardashian!

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Great Years of the Modern Music Era: 1955 to Now

I'm not old enough to be sure about some of these years, especially those before 1960. But by many accounts, most would start with 1956 - the year Elvis hit the charts hard. Now we can debate about his authenticity, since he stole his sound from black R&B legends of the time. But he is nonetheless the artist who folks from that era remember as starting the trend.

But I can tell you about the years I do know about:

1965: the year the Beatles and the Rolling Stones came to America, and Motown hit its peak. Yeah, I was a little too young to know this, but those who do would agree this was probably the pivital moment that music could never look back from forever.

1967: The Summer of Love. Nuff said. Too many artists to mention, but defintely the year that music hit the mark that defined everything that came after. One cool year, too (even if I was just a little boy then). Life was pretty cool in '67. Of my favorites of this year? Jim Morrison and the Doors (c'mon baby Light my Fire), Sly & The Family Stone (I Wanna Take ya Higher), and Edwin Birdsong (Here comes the Judge). But for many more, The Grateful Dead's debut.

1969: Woodstock. Need I say more? What more can I say about the year that changed America? Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Starship, the list is endless.

1971-72: Shaft, Superfly, Al Green, The O-Jays. And the beginning of TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia). The year America found its five on the black-hand side. And we're better for it.

1973: Earth, Wind & Fire with Evil. Stevie Wonder with Superstition. The Ohio Players, Mandrill, and the introduction of Parliament/Funkadelic. Yes. Boston. Traffic. Eric Clapton. Funk, R&B and Rock hit their stride. And with the jazz-rock-fusion of Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Ramsey Lewis and the incomprorable Grover Washington Jr, the modern funk and smooth jazz sounds was born.

1978: The pinnacle of the Disco Era. Without a doubt, Donna Summer and many many others did a helluva job spearheading a revolution in dance music. And a social icon lifestyle standard, the predecessor of the Bling Era, was established. Think Saturday Night Fever.

1983: Michael Jackson. Madonna. Prince. Rick James. Lionel Ritchie, Evelyn Champagne King. Phil Collins. The Clash, Tina Turner. Punk Rock and New Wave were at their peak, a new music form was taking hold (rap) and the aforementioned artists put out music that became legend. For me, this was probably the best music year ever.

1991: New Jack Swing, which was brought to its still-dominant peak by the movie New Jack City (thanks Nino Brown and you Cash Money Brothers). This year inspired the likes of Teddy Riley, R. Kelly, Guy, Bobby Brown/New Edition's springoffs, and also brought us the West Coast Rap of Snoop, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Tupac Shakur. It's also the year I knew I'd never in life move into an apartment building called The Carter.

1997: Perhaps the coolest year ever; I like to refer to it as "the 9-7". I consider this year the current generation's 1967 or 1973, because the hip-hop revolution and the alternative music generation led us into the music download era, and was in fact LIVE and televised. Busta Rhymes, Usher, Common, Erika Badu, and the icons Mariah Carey, Diddy (when he was Puff Daddy), Biggie Smalls, an' on and on and on. Some of the best artists of the genre, many of whom are icons now, started or came of note in this year. And, like 1967, it was a very cool year to be alive. But most important, like '67 and '73, it inspired a new generation of enlightenment.

2000: the year of Bling, the Boy Bands, and Britney Spears. Ok, a little perverted on the history charts, but a significant year nonetheless. Although still part of the hip-hop revolution of 1997, it changed pop music to platinum status as not just music, but a new culture in America, which later inspired political movements like and politics on the internet that still exist today. And - oops - some wardrobe malfunctions.

footnote: Quincy Jones was in the mix for damn near all of it.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

just thought i'd wish everyone a happy safe and travel-logged thanksgiving weekend!

White Head gobbler

oh...and HAPPY HUNTING you f**kn 2nd Amendment freaks!

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i'm just parking this story here to cut n paste into another blog...

but it's good bloggings....

LAST week, the Pew Research Center published the 'astonishing finding' that 37 percent of African-Americans polled felt that “due to a widening income gap . . . the values of poor and middle-class blacks have grown more dissimilar over the past decade; and in contrast, the values of most blacks and whites have grown more alike.” I'm still trying to figure out who was 'astonished' by this 'finding'.

This smells of bleeding heart, except that you can see some truth of this in some parts of the U.S., especially where there has been significant industry secession from a city, but also where you see incredible wealth performance, such as New York, Washington, Dallas or L.A., but that's more black-to-white wealth disparities. But also one of class in some parts of town.

How did this happen? Well the old theories, slavery and segregation, surely laid the infrastructure that still exists benignly to this day. The new theories? The decline of factory jobs, crack cocaine, draconian drug laws and outsourcing to be sure.

It's jobs - which creates both stability, an important foundations from which to take risks and create wealth - which are the most significant tool that's needed, the keystone. Economic stability in the black community is the lifeblood, as in any community, that pours life and keeps us safe from the other ills.

The problem is the lack of jobs, and the segregation of opportunity that comes without it, that still marks the overall black community in the United States. This is no doubt emulated in many other parts of the world, but the U.S. must focus on its culpable acts over the years, not worry about what others may or may not do. This nation has a dismal record on its own standing as not to have to concern itself with how the rest of the world handles its problems (Darfur perhaps an exception). You wanna reduce crime, improve schools, and have a more harmonious society with less political division? Easy - use our great potential as a nation to close the gap between rich and poor, not just financially, but spiritually.

A Harvard study of the family trees of 20 successful African-Americans, shows an astonishing pattern: 15 of the 20 descend from at least one line of former slaves who managed to obtain property by 1920 — a time when only 25 percent of all African-American families owned property.

Imagine how different black-white relations would be had “40 acres and a mule” really been official U.S. government policy after the Civil War. The gap between the black middle class and underclass shows that ending discrimination would not eradicate black poverty and dysfunction. Further intervention to promulgate a middle-class ethic of success among the poor, while expanding opportunities for economic betterment among every level through promoting upward mobility as a family value at all socioeconomic levels. But who is to do that? Black people, it's your problem you better start before you ask somebody else to do it.

Margaret Thatcher, in the 1980s, turned 1.5 million residents of public housing projects in Britain into homeowners. This was a positive (and liberal) step for the conservative PM Thatcher. It has had mixed results, apparently. But its core benefit is that it has created a stake in the land for these U.K. citizens they didn't have before.

The telltale fact is that the biggest gap in black prosperity isn’t in income, but in wealth. According to a study by the economist Edward N. Wolff, the median net worth of non-Hispanic black households in 2004 was only $11,800 — less than 10 percent that of non-Hispanic white households, $118,300. Sadly, in the wake of the subprime mortgage debacle, an enormous number of houses are being repossessed. But for the black poor, real progress may come only once they have an ownership stake in American society.

Some scholars say that the civil rights movement may be reborn, with the focus to thumbmark the causes of entrenched black economic struggling at all levels, both those afflicted upon and those self-inflicted, and take action. If there is a correlation between land ownership and success of African-Americans that is reflected in current socioeconomics, and partly the result of social forces set in motion by the dismal failure of 40 acres and a mule, then a correction - which means economic and social advancement in one's fellow man support - is surely needed before we really have 2 - or 3 - separate and unequal nations.

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newsflash! the judith regan story is heating up!

...just can't get it off the presses fast enough! now the heart of the story (the lawsuit by judith regan) is that roger ailes, the president of FOX Network at the time, personally pressured regan to lie about the kerik relationship.

...add to that, as i watch CNBC, rudy's relationship with roger ailes and FOX that has existed since the early 1980s (rudy was at roger's wedding, sat at his table at a white house correspondent's dinner, got FOX on NY Cable when Time-Warner refused, and so on. it's an incestuous story, an incestuous, toxic relationship.

...and of course, it is now shedding light on FOX News' agenda - to get a right-wing demogogue or a Republican they can control into the white house. guess who's their choice for that? yes folks, this 2008 is the year we may elect the Manchurian Candidate.


PULLEEEEZE! Bring us more Chrissy videos. He's W-I-L-D-E!!!

Electability v. Values

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Once again, another bite at the apple head of Rudy Guiliani. Judith Regan, the already-disgraced publisher who promoted "If I Did It" (and on the day O.J.'s in a hearing to see if he will stand trial for his latest shenanegan, no less) is now suing her publishers who fired her for the O.J. book. She claims that they tried to hush-hush her under pressure from the Guiliani camp over her romantic relationship with Bernard Kerik. Sheeesh!! Daayyymm!!

Image:Regan-Judith 01.jpg

A little more on the lovers:
After the 911 attacks in 2001, Regan published a "sensational memoir" by New York police chief Bernard Kerik and began sleeping with him. They apparently used an apartment that had been donated to the city for use by emergency workers at ground zero, but which Kerik kept for himself.[2] At the time, Kerik had another mistress, Jeannette Pinero, a married NYC Dept. Of Corrections officer,[3] and Regan cut off the relationship after discovering that his wife was pregnant as well.[4] Thereafter, she told friends that he had begun to harass her, and that she hired a bodyguard for protection. Kerik's lawyer denied the harassment claim.[5]
* from Wikipedia

We enjoy the controversy and juicyness of the story. Rudy's not at the center, but surely has to be questioned about his associates and friends. Hey, I have some rude boys for friends myself, but even our best party (3 strippers dancing and laying on the pool table while the boys played cue ball) doesn't come close to an average Tuesday after work for Bernie. Oh, rudy, be careful who you lay in the bed of politics with!

Rudy's judgment is coming to bear once again. It WILL be the 'house of cards' that brings his nomination hopes down as the cumulative effect weighs in. The Christian Right will eventually abandon him.

BUT - I predict he will win. Why? Because while the heartland types don't share his values, his winning will help them maintain control of the country, and thus push their agenda - their 'VALUES'. The path to power after Bush is the issue. Keeping the country out of the hands of despots, minorities, and heaven forbid - those illegal Mexicans, who no doubt are related to Al Qaeda (if we think so) is the only goal. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

But before you kick another Republican, note that Hillary's donkeys are not too far aside. Her camp obviously put pressure on Eliot Spitzer of NY to drop that drivers licenses for illegals proposal, once it became clear that it was a fair-game election issue for the Senator from NY. No matter that the others are weak on the issue as well, it was proposed by her Dem Governor, in her state. Not good. She ain't havin' none 'o that! Like Rudy apparently, Hillary has goons too.

Let's face facts - the country is divided. There are many cracks now, but the main ravines are rooted in the same old values - fear of those different, resistance to tolerance, lack of compassion, looking for handouts, expecting others to do for you instead of doing for yourself, hating others because you fear they may get past you. If we elect a Democratic president, we will likely be embattled in partisianship for the next 4 years. If we elect another Republican, it better be a major improvement from Bush, especially if he (no 'she' here) keeps us in Iraq and/or goes into Iran.

If the values people really are convictious to their beliefs, they'd push the electability of Mike Hukabee. He needs money, more TV ads, more push - because from what I've seen, if you're Republican he represents more of what you want - if that's really values. Of course, perhaps the value these folks really want to continue is HATING - SOMEONE.


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xmas upon us.

we will start with the turkey, and then the cranberry sauce, and then the vegatables. then the cake, drink, and wine. then the christmas season begins!

by then we will also be feeling the early stages of the effects of $100-gallon oil prices on the pump or in the electric bill. then the tight budget pinch begins.

problem is, both will come by christmas, approximately 6 weeks from now. no you'll probably feel in during your winter bills to come, but the increases will likely appear by january, just in time for your credit card bills that will also be coming from christmas. hope you have enough!

************ my advice....keep the heat off until january... **********

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late nite fun

why am i up at 4am washing clothes? i don't fuckin' know. oh that's right - i don't have any socks or underwear to wear to work tomorrow. yup. well i'd better put them things in the dryer!

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Old, but still creepy as HAIL

It's Chrissy, Bitch!!

I have much love for Chris Crocker, even though he's probably one of the most wacked, cracked out people on this planet!

His rendition of Brit Brit's "Gimme Gimme MOAR":

Sadly, he put on a better performance than Brit's VMA's and her actual video. Times infinity. Plus 1.

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Manhattan of the Middle East?


Burj Dubai (the word Burj is arabic for Tower), in very beautiful downtown Dubai, shines light on the ever-evolving epicentre of our 21st century world. Now the tallest building (or free-standing structure) in the world, along with the many buildings you see in the background standing off the shores of North America, it gives new definition to the question of who has the most influencial business center today. Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is host to the new wealthy world order, including many wealthy Americans (Michael Jackson being one of its most famous citizens today). I wonder if Michael is now a Muslim, as he has close ties to the Nation of Islam, to the Saudi prince, and lives in an Arab nation now. Well, that question can maybe be posed to some other wealthy Westerners who now call Dubai home sweet home, livin' the life of Riley. Considering relocation? Check out Dubai.

So how long does it take em to determine if a crime of hate is actually a hate crime?

The FBI enters this case of ghastly abuse as it appears to struggle with the issue of whether to charge the perpetrators with a hate crime. Are you kidding?? If this isn't a hate crime, then like YO, what the hell is then?

Why is there reluctance to do the right thing when we have such laws just so people don't have
to wrestle with the issue? We don't have to figure it out anymore...if it looks like a hate crime, it probably is. Charge em, arrest em, prosecute them, and if a jury of their peers follow the law and the elements of the statute, it will come to the right conclusion.

But for now, police are looking for two more people in the torture, beating and sexual assault of a Charleston woman, and the Logan County prosecutor said he believes the woman first met one of her abductors over the Internet.

The two people being sought by police are believed to have picked up 23-year-old Megan Williams from Charleston and transported her to Big Creek, where she was held captive in a home for at least a week. Police have arrested six people already. The FBI has entered the case because it is a possible federal hate crime, authorities said.

The victim is black and the alleged assailants are white (duh, who knew?).

Prosecutor Brian Abraham said he heard from one of the arresting officers that Williams met a Logan County man on an Internet site. Abraham could not verify whether that person was already in custody or one of the suspects still sought by police.

"I think she may have met an individual on the Internet and he agreed to pick her up in Kanawha County and take her to Logan County," Abraham said. "That individual may have befriended her and at some point turned her over to these people." Abraham, who has served eight years as prosecutor, said he has never witnessed or imagined a case of this proportion.
"We’re up to our eyeballs in murder cases in Logan County, but nothing quite like this," he said. "We have typical homicides motivated by jealously, passion and theft. This seems like outright malice. It’s something you’d see in a horror movie."

Magistrate Leonard Codispoti told The Logan Banner, "It was the worst case of human abuse I have seen since I have been a magistrate. "Something like this is so horrifying it makes you want to puke. They got this girl out of Charleston and took her to Big Creek, threw her in a shack, raped and stabbed her, put a rope around her neck, made her eat animal feces and did other horrifying things to her."

It's not over. Seems as if there are two more 'alleged' suspects still wandering out there. This poor woman. Seems like it's Open Season on Black folk, doesn't it? Reminds me of that famous Vernon Johns sermon.

Now, if it walks like a hate crime, talks like a hate crime, smells like a hate crime....what is it - oatmeal? They just didn't 'happen' upon this victim, they searched her out. That, for me, is the pure definition of a hate crime. What definition does the FBI use? If it comes to a different conclusion than what I have here, they need a new dictionary. And we need a new FBI.

living (if you can) affordably in america......

By Luke Visconti (the "white guy")

from © DiversityInc 2007 ® All rights reserved.


My company is on your Top 50 for Diversity list and will soon be celebrating Diversity Week in November. There will be rewards given to nominees who embrace diversity, which is all very good. My question: How do you help a company see that they must also keep a watchful eye on those managers who don't care about receiving an award and think that they can continue to operate as business as usual?

I have been with the company for 15 years. During that time, I have taken advantage of the generous education program and received a bachelor's and soon to be two master's degrees. Last year, my department decided to outsource many jobs, mine included. For those of us who want to stay with the company, we have until this October to find another job.

Since March of this year, I have, on record, 54 job postings [that] I have applied for. Of those postings, I have only been interviewed for six of the jobs. During each interview, the hiring manager finds some area of their business that I am not familiar with to point out that I am not qualified for the position. I know of a few individuals (non-minority) from my department with less qualification who have already found new positions, but I am still looking. I cannot believe that out of 54 postings I [don't] qualify for any of them. I am not writing this question out of bitterness. I am only writing it to find an answer. All I seek is an opportunity.


I'm very familiar with your company and it is a long-term leader in diversity management. This doesn't mean that every manager is "on it," but you stand a much better chance of finding a progressive manager at your company than most people do. Since I don't know you, I am forced to give general suggestions. Not all of them may apply to you. Please understand that I am not trying to diminish the reality of your experience when I suggest that you can take action to change your outcome.

Please consider this checklist:

1. Give your next job application your "full game." Study for the interview, understand the person with whom you're interviewing, know the department, try reaching out to that person's friends for insight into what areas give the manager the most pain. Make yourself a walking encyclopedia of solutions.

2. Follow up. Make sure your follow-up correspondence is not a form letter. Make it relevant to the potential new supervisor.

3. Politics. See if you can leverage people you know to apply influence on areas that interest you for a transfer. Find managers who HAVE been active in your company's diversity-management efforts. Utilize your employee-resource-group network.

4. Appearance counts. Make the best of your personal visit. Dress one level up. Use the spellchecker on your correspondence (I'm not sure why people think that misspellings are OK in an e-mail).

5. Be positive. Forget about the 54 jobs you applied for. Focus on the future. You love your company—tell them about it. Tell them how much you care, how proud you are to work there and how satisfying it has been to avail yourself of their generous education benefits. Tell them how you want to use that knowledge to their benefit and work there until you retire. It's hard to resist a positive message like that. Don't include anything negative. Air your opinions with the highest level you can reach by writing letters to executives, and ask for their help!

6. Learn. We have a number of really good career-advice articles on this web site.

Your industry is going through hard times. Despite that, their commitment to diversity has not wavered (again, I'm not discounting your experience, it's just that your experience at your company is likely to be much, much better than at the average company).

By the way, there is opportunity in tough times; a good manager will be much more open to hiring someone they don't know who is well prepared over an "old boy" who is taking it for granted that they'll get the job. My heart goes out to you and I wish you good fortune in finding another position in that company.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


as i watch larry "toe-tap, wide-stance, i'm not gay" craig resign as idaho's u.s. senator, you have to wonder why we're even in a culture war for family values in this country (and many other parts of the world) in the first place? what's to be gained by this political approach?

btw, larry's really glad that you all 'came out' today. and did you notice how he seems to like powder blue shirts? he wore one at every press conference. so does his wife. maybe she's a closet gay too. you cops better start watching the ladies room.

don't misunderstand - i'm all for family values. but those are values that need to go to core values: the need for food, clothing and shelter, being a good person (i would say 'law-abiding', but that approach has a history of bastardization when applied in this multi-ethnic country), a peaceful life, love for family and friend, having good morals. but wait: that last one - morals - is what got us into trouble with this culture war in the first place. most of share common moral values, fortunately, but who of us is to say what morals should be universally applied to all and which ones shouldn't? one universal moral that should apply to all is thou shall not kill, or one should not hate others because they look or are different. but whose moral value applies on the issue of sexuality, or freedom of speech, or who should be an 'american', or even what laws to enact to protect whose interests? what the fuck are these asswipes talking about anyway?

these issues have been befuddled in the myraid sea of the information age, in the political climate of the 21s century which is emerging as a conflict age between civilizations and cultures, as opposed to nation-states like the previous centuries. we don't like muslims, they don't like christian infidels and jews, we don't like arabs and mexicans (like they used to not like blacks and jews - they still then and now don't like gays) and they don't like white people and westerners. we worship god, they worship allah. most of the planet wants to preserve its 'national identity'. i find that so hypocritical when i hear people of many countries talk that shit. but that's another blog story. right now i'm here to talk about larry craig and the homophobic republican party and how their own hypocrisy is taking them down the toilet (where else?).

all of this could be avoided if we just accept the reality that homosexuals are here to stay. they have always been here, and as long as they don't try to spread their morals to me and others who are not homosexual, i say live and let live, and they should be entitled to every single value (or modified a bit for their needs) as any other citizen of this country. all of this will end when these hypocrite politician stop their bullshit and do the people's work, not the people's lynch mob acts. no i don't mean craig, i mean the republicans (or any other politicians of any party) who are still out there trying to tell you and me how we should think, act, and be, while they live by a different, elitist standard that is different from how they want us to live. the bottom line? let's all just get along!

but lastly, for the republicans - stop your culture war. it has now been proven (from mark foley to tom delay to duke cunningham to larry craig) that you have no moral ground to stand on.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

now everyone's getting into the act...

oh boy here we go....obviously the romans would have liked the movie....

if i had to live life over again, i'd spend it all back in college (but with my current paycheck)

DVR is a great thing to have on your TV. As a sexed-up heterosexual who like so many doesn't get enough (is there any other kind?), I of course like to get kinky. I like threesomes; I still remember the time in college when my girlfriend and her girlfriend rearranged my apartment, then we kicked back, enjoyed some wine, pizza, and a good joint, when the question was popped for the first time:

me: hey, have you ever had a threesome?

my gf:! but it sounds good.
her gf: (gasp!) no i never had. (just the kind of answer i expected from this prude)
me: well, i never have.
my gf: YOU? NEVER? i find that hard to believe, playa playa!
her gf: you seem like the type that's had his way with women. you never had a threesome?
me: no.
her gf: really?
me: really.
my gf: you're full of shit! you have.
me: i haven't. really! (pause) but i'd like to :)
me (after a long gulp): would you like to? we're all friends. i'd like to do it with the 2 of you.
her gf (after a longer pause): sure, why not?
my gf: uhhh......i'd like to. but not with the 2 of you. you're my girl, but you can't fuck my man.

that, and 3 other attempts since, all ended that way. her girlfriend says yes, and my girlfriend says no.

so how did i make it happen? well, i never did. not yet, anyway. but while setting the DVR to record, i set it for the wrong time, and instead recorded this movie. and it's pretty good. i may never have that threesome. but i will have this movie to enjoy that level of sex that so far has eluded me...


Theatrical release poster
Directed byAndrew Fleming
Produced byBrad Krevoy
Written byAndrew Fleming
StarringLara Flynn Boyle
Stephen Baldwin
Josh Charles
Alexis Arquette
Martha Gehman
Music byThomas Newman
CinematographyAlexander Gruszynski
Editing byWilliam C. Carruth
Distributed byTriStar
Release date(s)April 8, 1994
Running time93 min
CountryFlag of the United States United States

Threesome is a 1994 film, written and directed by Andrew Fleming. The film is an autobiographical comedy mixed in with some social commentary, and is based on the college memories of Fleming. It was given an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America.

oh by the way, alex baldwin is now a republican and insists he's not gay. OOOOO-Kaaaay....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Native New Yorker: Residents of One Brooklyn Neighborhood Gettin' Sick 'N Tired of Gentrification

~what we need is liberation from unaffordable housing costs - or a revolution against "the man" > a resident of Bushwick who just got told his $750/mo 1st floor 1 bedroom apartment is going up to $1050/mo in October.

Whatever is next for New York is probably bad for the other half of the nation. Seems like these days, you need to be an immigrant or rich to survive in America, at least economically. Either you benefit from sheer wealth, or you benefit by the vast array of government programs and plentiful low-wage labor that immigrants flock to America for to make money/ Just how much and how much money you can get your hands on seems to be the relative factor in personal wealth measurement if you're in the right income bracket.

Well, some feel bowled over by those with money or those who can get money from some source they themselves otherwise can't get. For those of us in the middle in makes us just plum mad. Anywaz check out The Village Voice's article
The Second Battle of Bushwick: Thirty years after the blackout riots, it's getting hot all over again.

But seriously folks, if you wanna check out the class war of gentrification and discuss whether it's a good thing (believe it or not it is sometimes) or a bad thing (which it usually is when the robber barons are allowed to control planning of the community's new developments). Check out my boy Norman at the Atlantic Yards Report.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


had an interesting saturday - went into east new york to check out kingsriders, a very cool cycle shop with my guest yuya from japan, a cycle enthusiast as well as a prolific blogger and photojournalist on the subject for performance magazine in japan. he can also be checked out at (i'll check on the email and get back to ya on that). the key thing is we saw some phat hayabusahs - the new thing in cycle style and sleekness - so prominent in cycle racing and streetriding. we also saw the $60,000, no make that $80,000 - T-Rex, the ferrari of motorcycle design, style and high-speed.

thanx so much to alex, asia, larry, the hot ladies behind the counter and the rest of the kingsriders staff for the wonderful stickers and other gifts (your DVD was da BOMB EXTRAORDINAIRE) and the rest of the kingsriders crew for showing us the slick bikes, the production facilities, and taking yuya on a hot fast ride in the T-Rex and all the photos (see b-low). and i might wanna buy that kawasaki ninja you got on sale for $1,900...that's a hot bike for a cool price!

not as noticeable as it acually is, there is a current, growing, serious trend developing in cycle racing, sporting, hip-hop and urban fashion going on in this venue that is about to explode like one supernova big time on the international youth market, much like pro-wrestling did in the 1990s but even bigger and more linked to the online community who can communicate, and like the rave of the 90s, set up their own venues secretly and quickly. be ready by the 2008 election for these 'tokyo-driftin' lifestyles to pick up in pace.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

what to wear today

skies clearing in the big city, sunny & bright down by the big resovoir in the mall. mmmmm....soooo, how did you spend your sunny tuesday? temps reached the mid-80s and quite comfortable everywhere. strange weather, the day after a strong and very unusual July Nor'easter that dropped temps from the 90s to the low 70s in a day, along with over an inch of rain.

yepper - i'm listening mr. gore . . . .


love these shots of manhattan, with that classic waterfront feel. steel, iron, masonry stone, industrial, hard, gritty old city. our own London on the left bank of the North Atlantic, the cradle of America.

you'll love them too, so ENJOY!

Saturday, July 21, 2007



A home is a reflection of its occupants. It's not just how much was spent or the type of furniture you have, it's the mind of mencia of whoever is that person who makes those decisions that is reflected in the final result. If you're an ass, the finest furniture and appointments will reflect it. If you a reclusive, or otherwise unapproachable, you may go for detailed exerpts of beauty particularized to your very picky taste. If you're laid back, for you a relaxing horizontal format or a sloppy couch may work for you.

Relaxation is POWER - yes POWER. POWER TO BE WHO WE WANT TO BE. When we feel like being it, that is : )

first test shot

I'm trying to expand on this project...posting pics and hopefully video streams.....

miss japan 2007 (miss universe) on her first visit to New York and sandra endo, newscaster on NY1, my favorite newshottie these days.


I dedicate my blog to the beginning of an open, interactive, dialogue with like-minded people for any reason you want to and we can get down forever n ever! We can discuss business, we can do business, we can do politics, we love to talk entertainment and what's new out there. We love to talk tech, as long as you're not too geeky (can't deal, y'kknow?). Yeah I wanna IPhone but I'll wait til the price drops below $300. They say they will be by Christmas......

So, to those you said I can't, here I am yes I can! Not that this was any great feat, just go to Make your own blog and 'get at me', as the phrase goes.

Btw, lots of good street fairs going on in New York during the end of July and early August. Check out the Summerstage and Philaharmonic page for smooth summer concerts in Central Park. Hey and if you can check out Brooklyn: Prospect Park, McCarren Park, Ft. Greene/BAM, it's all good out there in the juicy Apple. Be careful don't hurt your eyes on the short skirts....

Anyway, this is my intro. Soon you will meet a couple of my future fellow bloggers, so stay tuned and I'll get this game started for you.

President Obama's Welcoming Micheal Steele Chairman of the RNC to The Heezy!