Friday, April 11, 2008


JoAnne Epps named Temple Law dean

JoAnne A. Epps

As a teenager in Cheltenham, JoAnne A. Epps dreamed of becoming a secretary like her two heroes - her mother, who worked at Temple Univerity and, Della Street the know-it-all assistant on the old Perry Mason show. Instead, at the urging of a college mentor, she become a lawyer and today was named dean of the prestigious Temple University's James E. Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia.

"Back in the '60s I didn't know any women lawyers and I certainly didn't know any black women lawyers," said Epps, 56. "I didn't see that in my future but one of my college mentors did, for which I'll be eternally grateful."

When she takes over on July 1, Epps will oversee 64 faculty members, more than 1,200 students at Temple's main campus and nearly 150 students enrolled in Temple's law programs in China and Japan.

Epps has been a Temple faculty member for more than two decades but her connections to the university go much deeper - her first job was as a 16 year-old cashier in the bookstore. Her late mother, Ellen, who worked at the university for more than 20 years, retired as registrar at Tyler School of Art. "Several people have written who knew my mom and said she was looking down," said Epps. "It was gratifying. I feel very honored to be in this position."

Temple president Ann Weaver Hart called Epps "a universally respected scholar" with a devotion to Temple's mission and contagious energy.

An authority on evidence, criminal procedure and litigation advocacy, Epps has written several books that are widely used in law schools. Prior to joining the faculy, she was assistant U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and deputy city attorney for Los Angeles. Her work in international legal education includes training Sudanese lawyers representing victims of the Darfur crisis and teaching advocacy skills to prosecutors in Tanzania at the United Nations' International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

She received her law degree from Yale School of Law in 1976 after graduating from Trinity College in Hartford.

Epps succeeds Dean Robert J. Reinstein, who will retire on June 30 after 19 years in the job, making him among the longest-serving deans in an American law school. As dean, Epps said she would like to continue to recruit outstanding faculty and students and expand Temple's connections with the legal community.

"I want people in the city to believe that what's going on at Temple Law School is of interest to them," she said.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shop and Compare Prices: The Duality of Race and the Press and Public Perception

my question: we read about city kids (i.e black kids, 21st century synonym: urban youth) getting into mischeif and it gets plenty of newspaper attention, and negative public opinion. our perception of black and white is so twisted around the pseudo-concept, created by European colonial cultures, of bad and good, respectively. but all of that is obviously bullshit and a matter of one's view (or lack of an objective one thereof). for example, what do you think of this?

Driver climbs on roof of van, crashes in Pennsylvania; hospitalized after naked chase

READING, Pa. - A Reading man whose minivan crashed after he climbed on its roof while driving about 55 miles per hour is in fair condition this weekend.

Police in West Reading say the 38-year-old man later stripped naked and led them on a chase along the highway. Authorities are not identifying the man, who is not charged. He remains in a Reading hospital recovering from what witnesses call a deep gash in his side.

Police say they used Taser jolts and pepper spray during the chase Friday but only subdued the man when they tackled him.

Friday, April 4, 2008

NYPD Blotta Lotta Wylde Shyt ~ Viva Iraq 2008

just something i sorta wanted to say. can we gitta witness to this:

NY Post, Fri. April 4, 2008

Staten Island
A creep was arrested for stealing and cashing co-workers' paychecks. Amotz - oh, I'm sorry I mean Michael Barisciano, age 40, was the lowdown scoundrel who worked for the New York Container Terminal (a cargo facility on SI) where he stole 3 checks over a 2-year period. An audit determined he stole $3,600.

He was charged with forgery & grand larceny per the Staten Island District Attorney's office.

Not all that ugly, unless it hurt the people with their money or with the company whose monies he stole. If they were reimbursed, all's good. If they get restitution from him for the stolen money, that's O.K. too. VuaAAA!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yellow Nightclub in Roppongi (Tokyo Driftin')

another place we've just gots ta get tooz....

Halloween party at Yellow in Roppongi. Trick or treat, anyone?

Copenhagen Classique

and we wonder why we can't wait to get over there.....

a silouette of beauty from behind....

fashionista on wheels....

this is what i see as a photographique europa.....

speed kills - - - unless it looks good doing it!

she's got legs . . . and knows how to use 'em . . .

can you spell . . . SELF-EXPLANATORY?

President Obama's Welcoming Micheal Steele Chairman of the RNC to The Heezy!