Friday, April 4, 2008

NYPD Blotta Lotta Wylde Shyt ~ Viva Iraq 2008

just something i sorta wanted to say. can we gitta witness to this:

NY Post, Fri. April 4, 2008

Staten Island
A creep was arrested for stealing and cashing co-workers' paychecks. Amotz - oh, I'm sorry I mean Michael Barisciano, age 40, was the lowdown scoundrel who worked for the New York Container Terminal (a cargo facility on SI) where he stole 3 checks over a 2-year period. An audit determined he stole $3,600.

He was charged with forgery & grand larceny per the Staten Island District Attorney's office.

Not all that ugly, unless it hurt the people with their money or with the company whose monies he stole. If they were reimbursed, all's good. If they get restitution from him for the stolen money, that's O.K. too. VuaAAA!!

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