Thursday, February 28, 2013

m unchained and a lot of un-other things

More wild childs coming out to play with thee....

                ....a primal moment indeed. so why is the white goddess being taken away by 4 black brutes? well, she appears to know what she wants and where to get it.

Of course, they should remember to come back and take away this one:

Hey Fellas - At least get our lady of the month a soft, warm towel so she doesn't catch a cold.

Getting Around with Monica Belluci - A Matter of Winter Heating

I would just like to say what a blanket of soft supple lining she would make.....

                                 ..... even if she was covered in this charcoaled coal chocolate mousse stuff.

President Obama's Welcoming Micheal Steele Chairman of the RNC to The Heezy!