Saturday, September 1, 2007


as i watch larry "toe-tap, wide-stance, i'm not gay" craig resign as idaho's u.s. senator, you have to wonder why we're even in a culture war for family values in this country (and many other parts of the world) in the first place? what's to be gained by this political approach?

btw, larry's really glad that you all 'came out' today. and did you notice how he seems to like powder blue shirts? he wore one at every press conference. so does his wife. maybe she's a closet gay too. you cops better start watching the ladies room.

don't misunderstand - i'm all for family values. but those are values that need to go to core values: the need for food, clothing and shelter, being a good person (i would say 'law-abiding', but that approach has a history of bastardization when applied in this multi-ethnic country), a peaceful life, love for family and friend, having good morals. but wait: that last one - morals - is what got us into trouble with this culture war in the first place. most of share common moral values, fortunately, but who of us is to say what morals should be universally applied to all and which ones shouldn't? one universal moral that should apply to all is thou shall not kill, or one should not hate others because they look or are different. but whose moral value applies on the issue of sexuality, or freedom of speech, or who should be an 'american', or even what laws to enact to protect whose interests? what the fuck are these asswipes talking about anyway?

these issues have been befuddled in the myraid sea of the information age, in the political climate of the 21s century which is emerging as a conflict age between civilizations and cultures, as opposed to nation-states like the previous centuries. we don't like muslims, they don't like christian infidels and jews, we don't like arabs and mexicans (like they used to not like blacks and jews - they still then and now don't like gays) and they don't like white people and westerners. we worship god, they worship allah. most of the planet wants to preserve its 'national identity'. i find that so hypocritical when i hear people of many countries talk that shit. but that's another blog story. right now i'm here to talk about larry craig and the homophobic republican party and how their own hypocrisy is taking them down the toilet (where else?).

all of this could be avoided if we just accept the reality that homosexuals are here to stay. they have always been here, and as long as they don't try to spread their morals to me and others who are not homosexual, i say live and let live, and they should be entitled to every single value (or modified a bit for their needs) as any other citizen of this country. all of this will end when these hypocrite politician stop their bullshit and do the people's work, not the people's lynch mob acts. no i don't mean craig, i mean the republicans (or any other politicians of any party) who are still out there trying to tell you and me how we should think, act, and be, while they live by a different, elitist standard that is different from how they want us to live. the bottom line? let's all just get along!

but lastly, for the republicans - stop your culture war. it has now been proven (from mark foley to tom delay to duke cunningham to larry craig) that you have no moral ground to stand on.

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