Thursday, September 13, 2007

Manhattan of the Middle East?


Burj Dubai (the word Burj is arabic for Tower), in very beautiful downtown Dubai, shines light on the ever-evolving epicentre of our 21st century world. Now the tallest building (or free-standing structure) in the world, along with the many buildings you see in the background standing off the shores of North America, it gives new definition to the question of who has the most influencial business center today. Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is host to the new wealthy world order, including many wealthy Americans (Michael Jackson being one of its most famous citizens today). I wonder if Michael is now a Muslim, as he has close ties to the Nation of Islam, to the Saudi prince, and lives in an Arab nation now. Well, that question can maybe be posed to some other wealthy Westerners who now call Dubai home sweet home, livin' the life of Riley. Considering relocation? Check out Dubai.

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