Sunday, August 5, 2007


had an interesting saturday - went into east new york to check out kingsriders, a very cool cycle shop with my guest yuya from japan, a cycle enthusiast as well as a prolific blogger and photojournalist on the subject for performance magazine in japan. he can also be checked out at (i'll check on the email and get back to ya on that). the key thing is we saw some phat hayabusahs - the new thing in cycle style and sleekness - so prominent in cycle racing and streetriding. we also saw the $60,000, no make that $80,000 - T-Rex, the ferrari of motorcycle design, style and high-speed.

thanx so much to alex, asia, larry, the hot ladies behind the counter and the rest of the kingsriders staff for the wonderful stickers and other gifts (your DVD was da BOMB EXTRAORDINAIRE) and the rest of the kingsriders crew for showing us the slick bikes, the production facilities, and taking yuya on a hot fast ride in the T-Rex and all the photos (see b-low). and i might wanna buy that kawasaki ninja you got on sale for $1,900...that's a hot bike for a cool price!

not as noticeable as it acually is, there is a current, growing, serious trend developing in cycle racing, sporting, hip-hop and urban fashion going on in this venue that is about to explode like one supernova big time on the international youth market, much like pro-wrestling did in the 1990s but even bigger and more linked to the online community who can communicate, and like the rave of the 90s, set up their own venues secretly and quickly. be ready by the 2008 election for these 'tokyo-driftin' lifestyles to pick up in pace.

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