Tuesday, August 14, 2007

if i had to live life over again, i'd spend it all back in college (but with my current paycheck)

DVR is a great thing to have on your TV. As a sexed-up heterosexual who like so many doesn't get enough (is there any other kind?), I of course like to get kinky. I like threesomes; I still remember the time in college when my girlfriend and her girlfriend rearranged my apartment, then we kicked back, enjoyed some wine, pizza, and a good joint, when the question was popped for the first time:

me: hey, have you ever had a threesome?

my gf: uh...no?! but it sounds good.
her gf: (gasp!) no i never had. (just the kind of answer i expected from this prude)
me: well, i never have.
my gf: YOU? NEVER? i find that hard to believe, playa playa!
her gf: you seem like the type that's had his way with women. you never had a threesome?
me: no.
her gf: really?
me: really.
my gf: you're full of shit! you have.
me: i haven't. really! (pause) but i'd like to :)
me (after a long gulp): would you like to? we're all friends. i'd like to do it with the 2 of you.
her gf (after a longer pause): sure, why not?
my gf: uhhh......i'd like to. but not with the 2 of you. you're my girl, but you can't fuck my man.

that, and 3 other attempts since, all ended that way. her girlfriend says yes, and my girlfriend says no.

so how did i make it happen? well, i never did. not yet, anyway. but while setting the DVR to record, i set it for the wrong time, and instead recorded this movie. and it's pretty good. i may never have that threesome. but i will have this movie to enjoy that level of sex that so far has eluded me...


Theatrical release poster
Directed byAndrew Fleming
Produced byBrad Krevoy
Written byAndrew Fleming
StarringLara Flynn Boyle
Stephen Baldwin
Josh Charles
Alexis Arquette
Martha Gehman
Music byThomas Newman
CinematographyAlexander Gruszynski
Editing byWilliam C. Carruth
Distributed byTriStar
Release date(s)April 8, 1994
Running time93 min
CountryFlag of the United States United States

Threesome is a 1994 film, written and directed by Andrew Fleming. The film is an autobiographical comedy mixed in with some social commentary, and is based on the college memories of Fleming. It was given an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America.

oh by the way, alex baldwin is now a republican and insists he's not gay. OOOOO-Kaaaay....

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