Saturday, August 11, 2007

Native New Yorker: Residents of One Brooklyn Neighborhood Gettin' Sick 'N Tired of Gentrification

~what we need is liberation from unaffordable housing costs - or a revolution against "the man" > a resident of Bushwick who just got told his $750/mo 1st floor 1 bedroom apartment is going up to $1050/mo in October.

Whatever is next for New York is probably bad for the other half of the nation. Seems like these days, you need to be an immigrant or rich to survive in America, at least economically. Either you benefit from sheer wealth, or you benefit by the vast array of government programs and plentiful low-wage labor that immigrants flock to America for to make money/ Just how much and how much money you can get your hands on seems to be the relative factor in personal wealth measurement if you're in the right income bracket.

Well, some feel bowled over by those with money or those who can get money from some source they themselves otherwise can't get. For those of us in the middle in makes us just plum mad. Anywaz check out The Village Voice's article
The Second Battle of Bushwick: Thirty years after the blackout riots, it's getting hot all over again.

But seriously folks, if you wanna check out the class war of gentrification and discuss whether it's a good thing (believe it or not it is sometimes) or a bad thing (which it usually is when the robber barons are allowed to control planning of the community's new developments). Check out my boy Norman at the Atlantic Yards Report.

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