Thursday, December 27, 2007

What does Bhutto's Death Do for You?

We mourn the death of Pakistan's Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Not just because she came from a comfortable life of status to help the common person, not just because she was well-educated and wanted democracy as the bedrock of freedom for her people, but for a more simple reason:

She represented the hopes and dreams of a human race longing for peace and freedom to live without hurt or hurting others, something the whole world wants now more than ever. When such deaths of martyrs occur at such crucial times, it tends to bring very ugly wars. Through which, if past similar events are a measure, they may bring extensive social improvement.

Such was the case when Archbishop Ferdinand's death sparked WWI. Such was the case when Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated and fire broke out on the streets of America in the 1960s. All bad events, but significant social change for the better occurred after it.

Such was the case when Saddam Hussein was captured, and later put to death by a proxy legal tribunal crafted and created by the U.S. government. Mind you, Saddam was no martyr, but the result was significant: It brought the civil war now ensuing, more terrorism not less as promised, and America's now-seemingly endless involvement over there.

But as for Bhutto's effect, will this recent martyrdom now raise the stakes for American peace and security, at home and abroad? Are we approaching yet another 9/11 brought on by American meddling in other nation's affairs? I do believe so.

What goes around, always comes around.

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