Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Electability v. Values

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Once again, another bite at the apple head of Rudy Guiliani. Judith Regan, the already-disgraced publisher who promoted "If I Did It" (and on the day O.J.'s in a hearing to see if he will stand trial for his latest shenanegan, no less) is now suing her publishers who fired her for the O.J. book. She claims that they tried to hush-hush her under pressure from the Guiliani camp over her romantic relationship with Bernard Kerik. Sheeesh!! Daayyymm!!

Image:Regan-Judith 01.jpg

A little more on the lovers:
After the 911 attacks in 2001, Regan published a "sensational memoir" by New York police chief Bernard Kerik and began sleeping with him. They apparently used an apartment that had been donated to the city for use by emergency workers at ground zero, but which Kerik kept for himself.[2] At the time, Kerik had another mistress, Jeannette Pinero, a married NYC Dept. Of Corrections officer,[3] and Regan cut off the relationship after discovering that his wife was pregnant as well.[4] Thereafter, she told friends that he had begun to harass her, and that she hired a bodyguard for protection. Kerik's lawyer denied the harassment claim.[5]
* from Wikipedia

We enjoy the controversy and juicyness of the story. Rudy's not at the center, but surely has to be questioned about his associates and friends. Hey, I have some rude boys for friends myself, but even our best party (3 strippers dancing and laying on the pool table while the boys played cue ball) doesn't come close to an average Tuesday after work for Bernie. Oh, rudy, be careful who you lay in the bed of politics with!

Rudy's judgment is coming to bear once again. It WILL be the 'house of cards' that brings his nomination hopes down as the cumulative effect weighs in. The Christian Right will eventually abandon him.

BUT - I predict he will win. Why? Because while the heartland types don't share his values, his winning will help them maintain control of the country, and thus push their agenda - their 'VALUES'. The path to power after Bush is the issue. Keeping the country out of the hands of despots, minorities, and heaven forbid - those illegal Mexicans, who no doubt are related to Al Qaeda (if we think so) is the only goal. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

But before you kick another Republican, note that Hillary's donkeys are not too far aside. Her camp obviously put pressure on Eliot Spitzer of NY to drop that drivers licenses for illegals proposal, once it became clear that it was a fair-game election issue for the Senator from NY. No matter that the others are weak on the issue as well, it was proposed by her Dem Governor, in her state. Not good. She ain't havin' none 'o that! Like Rudy apparently, Hillary has goons too.

Let's face facts - the country is divided. There are many cracks now, but the main ravines are rooted in the same old values - fear of those different, resistance to tolerance, lack of compassion, looking for handouts, expecting others to do for you instead of doing for yourself, hating others because you fear they may get past you. If we elect a Democratic president, we will likely be embattled in partisianship for the next 4 years. If we elect another Republican, it better be a major improvement from Bush, especially if he (no 'she' here) keeps us in Iraq and/or goes into Iran.

If the values people really are convictious to their beliefs, they'd push the electability of Mike Hukabee. He needs money, more TV ads, more push - because from what I've seen, if you're Republican he represents more of what you want - if that's really values. Of course, perhaps the value these folks really want to continue is HATING - SOMEONE.


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