Thursday, January 17, 2008

'Cloverleaf' Movie Features a Philly Local who Made Good

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props to someone from where i used to live:

Here's Abington/Warminster raised actor Mike Vogel arriving with co-star Jessica Lucas at the Los Angeles premiere of "Cloverfield." Vogel, who stars as Jason Hawkins, is among the stars appearing in this hotly anticipated sci-fi thriller opening tomorrow about a monster attack on New York City which, among other things, features a decapitated Statue of Liberty (yeah cut the b's head off!) and spiders eating people. Vogel's other credits include Poseidon, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Rumor Has It, among other films.

Jessica Lucas (born 9/24/85) is a Canadian actress born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, also appears in "Cloverfield" as Lily, Vogel's character's love interest. Jessica is best known for her TV role as Ronnie Lake on CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, but has also appeared in Life As We Know It (with Sue Miller), teen comedy She's The Man (with Amanda Bynes), and the 2006 fantasy movie The Covenant.

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