Monday, February 4, 2008


I'm listening to this Professor Swain on Lou Dobbs tonight, talking about the (i think) now-worn logo about "by 2050, the United States will be a predominantly minority population", as if when that happens, blacks and whites will live together in harmony like ebony and ivory. Not tryin' to diss the sista (she is more knowledgable than me) but I ask: So What?? What does that mean for the sons and daughters of Africa in America? Nothing good, I say. Why??

Because the way we will get to such a population status (and more on why it may not mean much) is through the Hispanic American population. They are currently having children at 110% times the rate of white and black American families. More than 125% the rate of Asian Americans. There will also be an explosion of the Hindu-Indian American population, which already shows itself in its infusion into our financial, service and governmental industries. These 2 populations in particular will transform the way America looks and acts. The latter should concern you, as this will affect the attitudes towards black Americans adversely, because there is already some dissent, prejudice and indifference towards African Americans by these groups. Will their children expand the attitudes by their sheer numbers? Time will tell.

What is true is that the black population, barely growing 2-5% a year, with low birth rates rivaling whites and asians, will not be the new growth population with overwhelming influence on future events. Their population will be about 8% of the population by 2050, down from 11% today. More likely Hispanics will have a much stronger say on events, especially as they will inherit the native son argument over anyone from India or Pakistan. But the Hindu-Indians will be more respected in the business community, which will propel this group to a high status and visibility.

What world will they inherit? Probably a nation with more vigourous intents to protect civil rights, but also one with both whites and blacks feeling weakened in power and living with more anxiety about their future. As whites will undoubtedly still have more money than blacks at that time, they will be able to weather and adapt to survive, while being in a position to protect their culture and wealth to some extent. Blacks, with less of both, will probably lose more of what they had.

It's likely not an a cherries-and-cream future for all of us. If you're black, think about it.

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