Saturday, May 17, 2008

oy papa sibla!

Art Abounds Amist the Dawn of Spring, Again......

truly one of the most beautiful shots you'll see. i found this somewhere, the person is anonymous to the photographer, so no problem that i steal it for myself and you.

Laura here does have a name, however. She is no less stunning than HOTT....!

yes i think i'm in love.

this is Inguun. she's a model. an exotic erotic model. she wakes up the senses....

my my my. fantabulous!

now Gina here is vexed in black. It's her color:

i don't think i need to comment further. but another shot of her wouldn't hurt:

awww man like yeah it's very yummy.

but here's more yummy than you can handle boys: it's so HOTT! It's Summer!

this chick Nee here from vietnam is without a doubt the most beautiful woman i've seen today:

oh stunning indeed!!

but to bring it back to earth....

Remember that J. Lo is J. Lo for a reason......

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