Thursday, July 3, 2008

Profile on Jackie Meretsky from Morning Joe

Morning Joe on CNBC doesn't just have Mika. They have been even more gracious to give us this superfine meteorologist who hails from Toronto originally, our lovely Jackie Meretsky. One awesome weathergirl!

fantastique...She hails from Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Quote:
Jackie looked absolutely amazing in this outfit.

and she is working out on Univision's Morning Show while still a weathergirl on Toronto's CN Network. EEeeeeeeeYA! - hott-chi cot-chey!!

Sizzling Hott!!! Gotta love them Canadian dolls. Dayam, even her buxome high school graduation pic gives us a revealing view of the upcoming Accu-Weather 5-day forcast: "Sunny skies, warm temperatures, and no humidity ~ well there may be some from time to time during the next few days . . ."


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