Sunday, December 7, 2008

And Have We Commented on the Election?

First, let us comment on the stunning and decisive victory of President Barack Obama. Not only has he made history as the first African-American President of the United States, not only is he an inspiration and a generational change for our time, but he has uplifted the country in the Kennedy spirit like no one has since, well, the Kennedys.

And now, it's good I didn't comment (see my blog CNSaw where I speak of Obama and the then-ongoing election extensively), because one of my wishes appears might come true: Carolyn Kennedy Schlossberg is now throwing her hat (or pillbox) in the ring for the New York seat in the U.S. Senate, with strong backing from New York's first African-American governor David Patterson (who has eyes on his continued legacy as well). If she is elected, she will bring instant credibility and honor to perhaps the most important office in Congress.

In addition, please note the other important development in what is perhaps the second most important office in Congress: the Illinois senate seat. The seed of two of America's most prominent Presidents, as well as a host of powerful political leaders in our history, this seat is poised to go (with the backing of the mayor of Chicago and the governor of Illinois) to Jesse Jackson, Jr., one of the upstart leaders of a new American government for the 21st century. As well a son of one of the icons of the 20th century, Mr. Jackson like his hopeful counterpart in New York brings Obama's change message to the floor in a meaningful and respected way, but with new ideas from their fathers that promises to transform America for the new century. We can only wish them all so well!

So my comment on the election? Goddammit America, Yes We Did!!!

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