Monday, May 18, 2009

Temple University Beasley School of Law

SO why not report on some alumni news:

General News
The Beasley School of Law hosts an exclusive symposium on the credit crisis with nearly 50 practicing attorneys, judges, and law professors in attendance.

The Congressional Research Service names Temple Law program at Tsinghua University one of five "Key Actors and Programs" in China.

Temple Professor Phoebe Haddon named new Dean of University of Maryland Law School. Sister #1 of Temple Law who trounced her wisdom of constitutional law and her own husband Carl Singley, former Dean of Temple School of Law, and the so-called competition to really impress them with her notoreity near the Nations's capital at one of its most prestigious area universities.

Dean JoAnne Epps to receive the Philadelphia Bar Association's Sandra Day O'Connor Award and present the Judge A. Leon Higginbotham Jr. Memorial Public Interest Lecture on June 9, 2009. Like my favorite professor, she is graceful, beautiful, and such a wonderful person (you too Dean Haddon - that sounds right on you - you too!) nice, hot too. Anyway, just a thought.

Professors Reinstein and Sinden deliver honorary lectures (Judge Green and Friel/Scanlan lectures).

U.S. News and World Report: Temple ranks in Trial Advocacy, Legal Writing, and International Law.

Michelle Orloski '09 wins the 2009 Distinguished Writing Award, presented by the Burton Foundation, in association with the Library of Congress.

National Trial Team: Year in Review.

Jessup Moot Court finishes third among US teams in international competition.

Temple student awarded Sandra Mazer Moss Scholarship.

In the Media:
Amy Sinden comments on Supreme Court ruling that allows government to apply cost-benefit analysis for ordering environmental upgrades (fish protection) in Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune.

David Hoffman discusses cyber-bullying in law school student forum in Conde Nast

The Philadelphia Inquirer cites Jane Baron in article on estate implications for Dow Chemical and Rohm & Haas merger. featured practice areas: Environ. Law, Estates, Business Law, Immigration, Cyberspace, Trial Adv., Prof. Responsibility.

Publications and ConferencesDuncan Hollis's article, "Unpacking the Compact Clause," to be published in the Texas Law Review.Sandra Sperino's "Judicial Preemption of Punitive Damages" accepted by the Univ. of Cincinnati Law Review.

William Carter's article on "Judicial Power to Compel Domestic Treaty Implementation" was accepted as the lead article for the Maryland Law Review. featured areas of interest: Treaties, Family Law, "Wiki"Law, Employ. Law, Int'l Law, Intellectual Property, Cyberspace Law, Business Law.

Complexity and Collapse: The Credit Crisis symposium organized by Temple Law Professors Peter Huang, David Hoffman, and Jonathan Lipson.

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