Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are We On A Collision Course to World War III?

When you look at what's happening out there, when you read the front page of the major U.S. newspapers & sites, you will notice a few things one should at least take tacit note:

1) Tensions growing with Iran over its development of nuclear power and production capability.

2) Israel stepping up pressure on the U.S. and other nations, especially those of the UN Security Council, to move against Iran (sanctions supposedly, but destruction preferably).

3) A contradiction: apparent subtle but certain U.S. military buildup is occurring, while we are using our limited financial resources in the furtherance of "foreign policy interests" (that means the interests of the Corporate Ruling Class in English), while at the same time debate is going on in our domestic politics about needed domestic buildup (i.e. jobs, flow of money throughout the economy, economic security and development for all Americans, etc) and whether we can "afford these expenditures".

How does furthering Israel's Middle East interests further the needs of the citizens of the U.S.?

4) Obama sounding more and more like Bush. And with pitbulls like Clinton, Emmanuel and Summers on your team, how could you not have some Cheney-like wolf in the fold? The state of the Presidency at the moment, while I have the fullest faith and happiness in him being our President, is starting to look more like puppetry every day. We are being controlled - emphasize "CONTROLLED" - by the Corporate Ruling Class who dominates much of the world thru its various triads or other oligopolies that maintain regional order and flow of capital to further their interests throughout the world, places like Dubai, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, New York, Moscow, London, Paris, Hamburg, Brussels, Beijing, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Lagos, Buesnos Aires, Rio, Montreal, and all over the world where they hold geopolieconomic control.

These are but a few of my unfavorite things. I am very concerned about a world that is moving rapidly towards what might become a global war, a true world war, within the next ten years, perhaps as early as 2014. All elements point to the perception at least that the United States is currently agitating for a foreign policy win of some sort, most likely focused on that region of the world. Whether it be in Afghanistan, Pakistan (witness the Taliban leader caught in Peshewar yesterday), Iran, or in covert state in Dubai (like the possible Mossad/CIA/MI6 mission that assasinated the Hamas leader over the Valentines Day weekend), or Clinton's agitory remarks in Doha, Qutar the same weekend, there is agitation everywhere outside the U.S., while gridlock and no progress on the single most important issue of interest to the remaining 300 million of us; the work that needs to be done to provide a better standard of living for our citizens now, not to mention the millions of jobs and foreclosure saves needed by our families immediately!

Do you get a sense there's a miss of priorities here?

America needs to worry less about Iran getting the bomb, while not the best thing to happen it's also not for us to decide. Instead, America needs to worry a lot more about what to do about this economic mess we've created. This is not about just fixing up and building a safety net. This is about changing the formula of greed that we've pursued, putting some laws back in place that were broken (like we've been living thru a Toyota brake defect problem for the past 10 years), creating a consumer climate more in line with Americans putting Americans to work. If we manufactured and consumed more of what we made ourselves, we would promote small business growth, we would increase manufacturing and sales, thus creating more jobs to fill. Money would be generated by the growth in workers and economic activity (buy/sell/trade/exchage) - what could be simpler?

It is simple. The problem is we have more barriers in place against small sustainable economic growth that we do sanctions against Iran. The barriers are big business that is not in tune anymore with its people. Many of our businesses either go offshore, and many more are dependent on the foreign parts produced elsewhere to sell affordable products. We have so many barriers (local regulation-most often bribery & fees, trade agreements, lack of financing, etc) to domestic business and job development today that it would take a total shutdown of our borders for a year to figure it out. Nothing so drastic should be done, but we do need to build from inside more, and a lot less projecting our values to a disinterested planet outside.

They have a point: America, you need to clean your own house up first.

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