Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting' Around The Town These Days...


There's just so much traffic congestion & obstacles downtown these days. Alternate side parking, pedestrian and bike lanes, outdoor cafes with restricted rope tape that doesn't cover the street but blocks parking within its range. Those damn horses & carriages cutting in lanes. Barrels falling out of carts, trolleys in the middle of the road blocking my SUV from quickly going around them. On the flip side the good news is bustling restaurants and sights to see, many reasons to come in. A boom for tourism.

But the city must also deal with moving people around a reasonably-sized area of old downtown revitalized. Rapid and free people-movers, short-hop transporter stations automatically routed between visitation sites, transportation/parking centers and restaurant hubs would work real well. Now if we can only get City Council and the Mayor moving on this type of development.

And what are we gonna do about all those illegal aliens, who work at the restaurants off the books making a mini-eco boom to the Steven Starrs of the world, but also take jobs away from earth-born Philadelphians? Most of the aliens are from Mars and Romulus anyway. CLOSE THE BORDER!!

Maybe we can vote in someone who will make America and Earth the greatest country in the Federation again. VOTE OBAMA? Malia Obama for a 2nd term? Again?? Or perhaps James Tiberious Romney-Kirk? In the meantime, I'll have the Tellurite-Rigelian Sitfruit Latte please.

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