Saturday, March 2, 2013

From Yellow on Black: Go for it

I thought this post from another blog was something we should all be reminded of, often and often gently;

Go for it

The situations where you're most likely to make mistakes are also situations in which you have the greatest opportunities to make progress. When there's something on the line, there's something to be gained. Don't seek to make mistakes, but don't seek to avoid them either. Seek instead to put yourself in circumstances that challenge you to grow.

When there's the possibility of making a bad impression, there's also the possibility to make a great impression. Success comes from being able to accept the risk of failure. When you ask for something, there's a good chance that you'll be turned down. But if you never ask, there's a rock solid certainty that you won't get what you seek. By asking often enough and sincerely enough, you'll get the answer you're after. By listening to enough people tell you no, you'll find someone who tells you yes. Make the effort, put yourself on the line, and go for it.

Though the road can be bumpy at times, the way to get there is to get going.

-- Ralph Marston Ins

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