Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lest We Not Forget Charlie's Little Angel...

....and words of love and life for you in heaven to Farrah Fawcett, who died only hours before Michael Jackson. Almost lost in the sauce, this sexy icon of the 1970s hit Charlie's Angels has also got it going on as a symbol of that era and what was sooo gooood about it!

Farrah went on to become quite a different and memorable character in her Emmy-award performance in The Burning Bed. And I just saw her in a relatively recent mid-2000s movie with Queen Latifah, Ja-Rule, and Danny Glover as her husband (the judge who finds his blackness and then his hip-hop with a transformation that she also loves - that black male manly scent. She has played in a number of venues, and while Charlie's made her famous, her speaking out for various causes, including the renal cancer that killed her, was one of her notable later in life achievements.

My mother, I much later in life found out, also died of renal cancer. I never knew that, other than she had trouble walking in her last years and was more wheelchair- and crutches-bound. I never fully knew what she was going through, she rest in peace also.

The icons in our lives define the times that each of us grows up into in this American diaspora of celebrity and larger-than-life living. We're a long way from being a simple people, such an advanced society we are, and yet the simplest thing in life - life and death - bring us back to the human of the earth that we are always destined to be. Living life to the fullest in between those spectrums of life and death is what defines, and enlightens, the world.

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