Wednesday, June 10, 2009


KOLPING INTERNATIONAL - North America: "North America

Just some public service information.

For any of you students or world travelers traveling light out there....Here you can find Kolpinghouses, -hotels and -youthhostels all over North America. Reasonable price, nice people, and they feed you breakfast included in your cost of stay.

Just so you know (and to make all disclaimers), this is a religious group, not endorsed or views shared or believed or otherwise not affiliated with this blog in any way. This blog does not endorse nor promote the views of this organization, only advertises its offer of hospitality.


Youth Residence
Catholic Kolping Society New York
165 East 88th Str.
New York, N.Y. 10128
Tel.: 001 21 23 69 66 47
Fax: 001 21 29 87 56 52

they also have a place in the Bronx, for adult as well as student residents. They service Columbia University and others who are young professionals and academians. Male and female welcome and among the current residents. Reasonable rates around $125-250/wk.

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